Acting Fundamentals For

Classical Singers

An introduction to technique


Music gives us so much information as singers: melody, articulation, tempo and accompaniment – and of course, the words themselves.


How do we synthesize this information into specific, interesting performances with artistic integrity?


During this workshop, students will learn basic theatrical and musical tools of analysis, as well as stretching the imagination to fill in the gaps, to help craft interesting people who want specific things. Using art song, students will learn to make specific choices that help convey these tiny scenes in detailed and engaging ways.

Stanislavski & opera

For singers exploring opera


Opera provides even more in the way of information for developing character and crafting performance. This workshop will focus on acting technique as it applies to opera – both individual arias and entire roles. Students will learn how discovering given circumstances, objective and obstacle will help them make specific choices, which in turn will help them develop complex and truthful human beings onstage.


This workshop is designed for students already familiar with the techniques learned in Acting for Classical Singers.


use your words

Tools for text analysis


Music carries us on beautiful journeys, but words are a singer’s superpower. This workshop will give students valuable strategies to analyze text to make crucial decisions about character, emotion, and story. Discovering what they are saying and how they are saying it will help singers know why they are using these words and how to deploy them to craft even more specific, compelling performances.


This workshop is designed for students already familiar with the techniques learned in Acting for Classical Singers.


Auditioning for

classical singers

An audition workshop focused on acting

Auditioning is never easy. You have nerves to contend with, a panel of judges behind a table – and you may not even get to do a whole piece, not to mention changing characters quickly. How do we set ourselves up for success in the audition room? Using our skills as acting singers to create a world we can easily step inside.


This workshop is designed as a Master Class. Students bring their own material and should be familiar with the concepts from Acting for Classical Singers.


Expression for


Acting isn’t just for singers!

Music is called the universal language, but how do we activate our performances to make them more specific and meaningful? In this workshop, musicians will brave the world of acting to discover tools that will help them be more expressive in performance.